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SMS notification for incoming e-mails
SMS notification for calendar appointment
Fax forwarding for new emails
Manual SMS dispatch
Forwarding new emails by FAX 
SMS notification for new voice messages
AddrBook service: Access to Windows address book (MS Outlook, Outlook Express) Mail service: Access to MS Outlook and Outlook Express Mail service  
Calendar service: Access to MS Outlook Calendar service Callback service: The program can call you back to save phone costs
Call Transfer service: The program can call a telephone number and transfer the call to the user (ISDN version) Forward new voice messages to a phone number
Automatic call transfer: This service automatically transfers all incoming calls on one of the selected ISDN phone numbers to a freely selectable phone number (ISDN version). Digital answering machine 
Notification Call and reading of new e-mails Appointment reminder Call, reading new appointments
Forward incoming voice messages Fax machine (PhoneFax)
Checking for new voice messages by phone Forwarding new faxes by email (*)
SMS notification for incoming fax (*)    
      Functions of PhoneFax dependent on filter

(*) PhoneFax Feature

   Address book

The user starts this function by DTMF and indicates a name by pressing the alphabetic keys of the telephone keyboard. A dynamic search algorithm allows for comfortable input. Without using the multiple clicks on the keys, the numbers '7246438' will represent 'S-C-H-M-I-D-T'.
If you indicate only a part of a name all matching names will be read. You may decide whether to search for first names, last names or company names and if you want to be connected to the selected address and telephone number by conference call.


   Digital answering machine
Using PhoneOffice you have a comfortable answering machine. You can hear the voice messages directly from your PC or remotely by phone. You'll never miss important phone messages, for you will be notified immediately by SMS indicating the callers phone number or by a phone call communicating the message left on your answering machine.



   Call Back Service 
Through Call Back Service Phone control will call you back, so giving you the possibility to save money contacting Phone Control. From public phones, Hotel phones, from Handies contact your Phone Office and your program will call you back - even using telephone providers.